First of the first download the os from Vuln-hub Vulnos2.

Start with the network discovery of the OS


After Discovering the Host .run an Nmap scan for the host.


There are  22 ssh , 80 Http and 6667 Irc ports open

OK, Now there is a 80 port open , so lets proceed with the website , enter the ip address in the browser


Proceed with the link on the website , it will redirect to the main website , Just surf to the web site see if there some suspicious link or an thing

orignal website.png

After surfing to the website go to the document page , as per the website the document is blank , lets analyze the source html code , see there is an link given.


In Source of the web page scroll down till bottom and see the page given, in it open the given page and as said login with the default credentials given.


Surf to the link given, and login with the credentials  username and password as guest

website vuln1.png

After login in to guest just click on the guest user update profile.


After Clicking on update profile just ensure that there is a check button that says , do you want to be an admin ?

I mean who wont! open the inspect element and delete the disable button that keeps disallowing you to be admin,

yup update your profile and there your are administrator



So lets see what an admin rights are , surf to the pages.

in Home page there are links to the Pdf and other document and images  and than just open any one link


After click on the image there is a id parameter passing in url so just assume we might be lucky,

and yes there’s an SQL syntax error.

id-parameter sql-error

Lets run a sql map quickly to enumerate usrename and password for the admin.

Before that there is also a another way for SQL injection

When you surf to pages you see a opendocman image spell on it ,this is a vulnerable .

lets find out.


So lets run a SQL map on the script given in the description  , and determine the database and the username and password for the admin


After getting the data base name extract the jabcd0cs  database and extract the username and password


The password is hashed , decry-pt the password.


As per the nmap scan we have sheen the SSH port is open.lets try to connect with the admin credentials


After connecting we want the proper shell to examining the OS


we have discovered that os is ubuntu   14.04.4 , lets try to search for the exploit for the os as  we have the shell but not of the root privileged


The exploit is same as we want, download the exploit, this exploit is in C.

For Executing the exploit we have to compile and run the program ,

First login in with ssh in vulnos, than download the exploit 37292

after downloading on  vulnos , move the shell to C language

mv 37292 shell.c

than compile it,

gcc -o shell shell.c

Run it


volaaaa !

 we got the root access

downlad and compile.png

But the flag is still to be open , drop a ls command and cat(read) the flag .txt


YEEEEEEEE……………….. its done .

Such a relief .



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